"Snail Spoken" media: shrubbi (found window sash, mixed media, carving) $1200"transforms and tales" media: shrubbi (found table top, mixed media) $1200"infinite worlds" media: shrubbi (mixed media, carving)“Layers of Sound, Coils Unwound” media: shrubbi $1200"Muses Door: geode, cave and teetering stone" media: shrubbi $3000“Utterances:detail” media: shrubbi $2200"Work Altar III" media: shrubbi $2500"amber lamp" media: shrubbi $600“Turkish Keys” media: shrubbi $600"Swimflies" media: shrubbi $150, $400/for set of threelog chair with arm rest" media: shrubbi $1200"via chair I" media: shrubbi $400"transform lightbox" media: shrubbi $800“Desert Secrets” media: shrubbi $300"claena speaking to the snail" media: shrubbi $1200"all my journets" media: shrubbi $200"what is changing moon?" media: shrubbi"stone altar" media: shrubbi $800"turning to mint" media: shrubbi $150“Attreversiamo” $125"shingle prayer" media: shrubbi $800"Mother/Child Lamp" media: shrubbi $600"Meditation Top" media: shrubbi $700 (with simple found legs)"Observer: Zen TV" media: shrubbi $600"Proof of Visitors" media: shrubbi"Living Totem" media: shrubbi $2200detail of "Living Totem" media: shrubbi"claena speaking to the snail" $1100"melted warm cave" media: shrubbi $800"Into green Valley" $300"Mermaid's Cove" $1500

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Shrubbi :  artworks by Michael Biddison


Rubbish. Junk. Trash.  You might notice that in nature that these words mean nothing.  In nature, everything is used, re-invented, absorbed into the organic elegance that is the Big Creation.  There can be no greater guru for enchantment than nature.  Rubbish, those aspects we have not yet found a way to absorb, transform or re-invent, is the perfect starting place.  Rubbish is enchanted.  Rubbish transformed is what I affectionately call SHRUBBI. 

My art is sensuous, optimistic, romantic, and layered with interwoven themes, and materials.  My pieces emerge organically using a variety of paints and pigments, as well as more typically “craft” techniques of carving, building, joining.

For me, it almost always starts with the Rubbish.  

For purchase, questions about pieces, commissions, or to arrange a showing call 

Michael Biddison at 610-247-8718 or 

email at woodsunarts@mac.com.  

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