c l a s s e s  &  p r i v a t e  s e s s i o n s   

BodEmotion is a fully equipped Pilates and Functional Fitness studio committed to a paradigm of assessment based work for the greatest results in movement potential.             We offer Reformer, Tower/Pole and Low Chair classes as well as Trap Table private sessions. For the highest quality of attention, our classes are limited to a 6 person maximum.      How is BodEmotion training different than large gym or Pilates club facilities?                                  



 “Andrea is incredibly knowledgable with a deep understanding of anatomy and injury. She is highly qualified to train post-rehab and medically complex patients wtih passion and commitment.”                                                                                                                                               -Stacey M. Gayer, MSPT, Pelvic Floor Specialist-  

 We are a small, boutique-style Pilates and Therapeutic Fitness studio specializing in assessment based programs. These assessments will identify dysfunctional or suboptimal movement patterns and weak links that may need to be restored to full functionality for your greatest overall results and safety. We don’t just throw exercises at you because they are cool or leave you in a sweaty heap, these may make your ineffeciencies or compensation patterns worse. With assessment based work, your program is intelligently informed. You don’t have to get an assessment before starting, but why wouldn’t you?


P R I V A T E   S E S S I O N S:

Custom tailored individual sessions, based on assessments, are all about you discovering what your body needs, what inefficiencies are present and what weaknesses you need to work on for optimal movement potential. Corrective exercises may be given to you as part of restoring full movement potential. 

Andrea has referral realationships with some of the most exceptional Physical Therapists in the area. She can refer you to them if needed. She can also communicate with your physical therapist and incorporate their recommendations and findings into her sessions with you. 



                                     C L A S S  S C H E D U L E: 

8:30AM TUESDAYS & FRIDAYS           


6:00PM TUESDAYS & THURSDAYS                                                                                   

All new clients must attend one private session before any class participation to determine the best fit for your needs! You could just jump into any class, anywhere and share a class with 10-11 others at a large Pilates club studio. At Bodemotion, you will never share a class with more than 5 other students. 

Why wouldn’t you want individual attention based on your needs and assessments?

All classes are intended for injury free individuals. 

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610-952-5060             andrea@bodemotion.com